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Terms and Conditions

Please take the time to read our terms and conditions. We will always endeavour to be fair and reasonable.

1. Parents must ensure that they are on time to collect their child as we do not accept liability or responsibility for child care.
2. Children can only be collected by persons named as an emergency contact. If a different person needs to collect the child, please inform
3. Students must bring their instrument (excluding drums), any accessories or references needed to each exam.
4. We do not accept liability for loss or damage to any personal possessions or personal injury, however caused.
5. Any damage caused to our equipment and property will be charged at the full cost.
6. Where a student fails to attend an exam which is not a consequence of an Alpyne cancellation, no refund will be offered and the exam result will be recorded as a fail.
7. Where a candidate is late for an exam, they will be unable to take part in this grading session. This will not be refunded and will need to be re-booked if they still wish to sit their exam.
8. Where a candidate’s behaviour or conduct is deemed unacceptable, we reserve the right to terminate the exam. The result will be recorded as a fail and the candidate will not be permitted to sit any further Alpyne exams. The candidate, or parent (where applicable) will be liable to settle any outstanding monies if owed.
9. The candidate, or parent (where applicable) agrees:
a) to ensure that contact details (including emergency contact numbers) are up to date and that we are informed of any relevant and changing medical conditions.
b) that we may record, film or photograph them (or their child) for promotional, educational or marketing purposes. If you would prefer to opt out of 9.b), we must receive written confirmation to our admin office via email
10. We reserve the right to change the time and day/date of all services. No refunds will be given nor are we liable for any costs incurred. We will endeavour to give maximum notice.
11. We reserve the right to terminate exams at any time and request any outstanding monies for examinations be paid within fourteen days of receipt of our termination notice. We are not liable for any further costs incurred.
12. No refunds are to be made for any products or services unless deemed otherwise by Alpyne Enterprises. Any refunds given will only be credited to the customer’s account.
13. If outstanding payments are not resolved after 5 working days of Alpyne notifying the customer there will be a £10 daily admin fee every day for 3 months or until resolved. If outstanding payments are not received after 3 months then legal action will be taken.
14. All Alpyne Enterprises Graded exams are non-refundable and cannot be deferred to a later examination date. Once a time slot has been allocated to the customer this cannot be changed. If Alpyne Enterprises cancels a grade an alternative date and/or time will be offered. We are not liable for any costs incurred and no refund will be made.
These terms and conditions are subject to change. Please refer to for the most up to date version. We will endeavour to keep you informed by email whenever we make amendments. Please keep these terms and conditions for your records.

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