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Improve Your Left Hand In Just 10 Days

Left Hand Bootcamp is for any drummer who wants to improve their weak hand without wasting months trying to figure it on Youtube.


Left Hand Bootcamp Agenda

Finally fix that weak hand for once and for all...

Day 1: Establishing the problem!

  • Learn how to self assess your current technique

  • Figure out how to break any bad habits you’re unaware of.

  • Action Step: Upload video of yourself playing to watch back later

Day 1 - Establishing The Problem.png

Day 2-3: Technique in Depth

  • Look at your technique through the microscope (accessing Day 1's video)

  • Continue to lay down the foundation for better habits

  • Uses for the metronome as an effective practice tool

  • Action step: Film yourself practicing the above exercises

Day 2-3 - Technique & Metronome.png

Day 4-7: Building Stamina

  • Building stamina using different exercises of increasing difficulty

  • Each day will have it's own set of drills using the above exercises

  • Action Step: Posting your progress to the left hand bootcamp community

Day 4-7 - Building Stamina.png

Day 8-10: Application

  • Now it's time to apply everything you've learnt into your everyday playing

  • Inserting what you've learnt into custom made backing tracks for Left Hand Bootcamp

  • Further exercises working on speed and stamina to keep you going past the 10 days

  • Action Step: Posting your progress to the left hand bootcamp community

Day 8-10 - Application.png

The is and isn'ts...


  • This course won’t make your left hand better if you just watch it or read the exercises! I think we all wish it were that easy

  • A course for a total beginner that has never picked up the sticks. If you can play a few basic beats however, then you'll still gain a lot from this course

  • Although reading isn’t VITAL for this course as there are videos, a decent understanding of notation is recommended


  • A fantastic way to finally take the bull by the horns and improve your left hand speed

  • For drummers who know just a few beats through to advanced players who need to strengthen their weak hand

  • A chance to chat to like minded drummers and also Emma herself!

So what am I getting exactly?

Left Hand Bootcamp Box.png

Everything That's In The Course

  • 10 Day Course: New videos and content each day

  • Backing Tracks to apply all you've learnt

  • Lifetime Access to all material and updates

  • Closed Group: with other enrolled students

  • BONUS: Free copy of my book 'The Equaliser' 

  • BONUS: Free copy of Dao Pham's 'How to Practice' eBook

Frequently asked questions

How long do I have access to the program and when does it start?

How does lifetime access sound?

Once you've enlisted, you'll have unlimited access for as long as you like. We've structured the course to be sat in 10 days but you can work through everything at your own pace. Everything can be accessed from any device (via the website or the Alpyne app) and your progress with be saved throughout.

Can't I learn all of this on Youtube/Tiktok/Instagram?

Yes you can! I've even posted lots of this type of content throughout my hundreds of Tiktok videos... 


The biggest difference with Left Hand Bootcamp is everything you need to improve your left hand is all in once place and your progress is tracked.


You will also have support from the private community and I'lll often drop in to answer frequently asked questions. This is actually the main reason I decided to create the course rather than just post it on Youtube...

I guess the question is, what is your time worth? This course will save you literally weeks, months if not years of frustration trying to find solutions in random places online.


If you finally want to see fast improvements then Left Hand Bootcamp is you for you.

But if Youtube works for you, then keep doing your thing!

Do I need a drum kit?

Nope! Just sticks, practice pad and some sheer will to strengthen that left hand.

What level do I need to be at?

We'd suggest that you at least have a grip on a few basic grooves and fills. The bootcamp has been designed with three difficulty levels so you can choose what works for you. Beginners will be making sure that you prevent picking up any bad habits whereas more advanced players will be working on undoing them.

How to make sure you receive emails from Alpyne

If emails from us keep ending up in your junk/spam folder, you need to register the email address we're sending emails from as trusted or whitelisted. Please check this video on how to do it in gmail.

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