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A clear and concise look at how chord progressions are constructed. Laid out in easy to understand terms, book one takes the student through many examples of I IV V and I V VI IV chord progressions in the keys of C and G. Whilst aimed at guitarists, the information in this book can be applied to all musical instruments.


The aim of this eSeries is to explain how chord progressions work and enable you to construct your own progressions and ultimately songs by dipping into a little music theory. Knowing the rules and how to use them can make all the difference when hunting for that elusive chord you can hear in your head but somehow can’t seem to find on your instrument. The theory can be applied to all instruments and of course, rules are there to be broken! The most interesting sounds and songs can be created and written by thinking outside of the box… ultimately, the only limit is your imagination!


Throughout this book we will explore various rules and formulas that create the sounds our ears are used to hearing. These will be presented alongside many examples for you to play and experiment with.


Steve Winch

Author of the 'Playing Bu Numbers' series

Playing By Numbers Book 1: C & G

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