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My name is Dan, known as DrumsWithCat on TikTok! Like my username, I have a floofy cat named Ghost, live with my wonderful partner, Elle and our son, Logan.

I've been tapping on tables since a toddler, parents always told me I was going to be a drummer, they weren't wrong! 20+ years later, I've been in percussion classes, rock schools and taught many wonderful people in my years all ages.

Been on 3 albums, toured Europe and gigged hundreds of times throughout the years. I have completed my rock school drum grades, including my certificate to teach in the lifelong learning sector (CTTLS Diploma).

I'm currently working in a well known music store in the UK called Professional Music Technology and drumming in a band called Wolves Within.

Hope to talk to you all soon and gossip drums! 👊🥁☺️

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