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Annie Mumford

aka Cherry T Drums

Professional Drummer & Educator

*Accepting New Students*

Annie Mumford

Since relocating to the UK in 2016, Annie has had the pleasure of performing with a variety of artists around Europe (UK, Switzerland, Netherlands) within genres such as indie folk, rock, blues, progressive folk, improv-fusion-jazz, and pop. Being a session drummer and drum teacher, Annie finds this work to be vitalizing, as it allows her to continuously develop her skills as both a performer and a mentor in her field. During (and after) completing her BA(Hons) degree in Music Industry Practice & Performance in 2018 at The Academy of Contemporary Music, she met some inspiring musicians who have since become close friends and regular co-performers. They support each other by sharing their experiences of live and studio work and always enjoy skill-swapping whenever possible. Annie's teaching style revolves around highlighting the early (or current) stages of her students' creative development. She shares practical tools to assist their learning process, strengthen their pre-existing skills, exchange sources of inspiration, and does her best to help them level up. Annie is never short of enthusiasm and positivity, so students can expect to start their journey in full swing!

Check out some tracks Annie has worked on:

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