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Emma Taylor

aka Sounds Like Emma

Professional Drummer, Author & Educator

*Accepting New Students*

Emma Taylor

“Powerhouse Drummer Emma Taylor…is hard to miss…and hard to ignore as she batters that kit into submission time after time, and it’s easy to see why her bite-sized lessons on Tiktok have so many views.” - Devil's Gate Music

From the age of six, Emma's musical journey began when her grandparents gifted her a toy drum kit. Little did they know that this simple gesture would ignite a lifelong passion for music.

At the age of eight, Emma started taking drum lessons at the Earley Music Centre in Reading, Berkshire, UK. Immersed in a diverse range of genres, orchestral to contemporary jazz, rock, and pop, she developed a solid foundation in musical versatility.

Throughout her school years, Emma eagerly embraced every opportunity to perform. From playing drums in school musicals to joining the award-winning school choir, 'The Bulmershe Ensemble.' The group's remarkable achievements, including a third-place finish on the BBC show 'Gareth Melone's - Best In Britain,' allowed Emma to discover her voice and cultivate her keen ear for harmony.

In 2016 Emma pursued a degree in Popular Music Performance at The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) where she graduated with distinction, earning a first-class BA(Hons) degree in 2019. ACM proved to be a transformative experience, where Emma's skills flourished, but she struggled to find her confidence even though she was aware of her own musical talent.

It wasn’t until Emma's foray into the world of TikTok that something clicked. Inspired to share her knowledge and entertain others, she began uploading fast-paced, educational drumming videos. With her infectious personality and knack for teaching, Emma's social media presence quickly grew, amassing a following of nearly half a million enthusiastic fans on her page sounds_like_emma.

Emma's talents have led her to collaborate with various artists and bands, including Ilona Mahieu (@ilona_mahieu), where since 2019 her drumming and songwriting skills have made a significant impact. She has also worked alongside rock artist 'Kaima,' drumming on her song 'Liar,' and contributing backing vocals on 'Prisoner.' Currently, along with her ongoing partnership with Ilona Mahieu, Emma is exploring new musical horizons with indie folk artist Bryony Dunn, having just recorded a yet unreleased EP.

Emma recently toured the UK alongside American guitarist 'Arielle,' supporting the award-winning Blues Rock band 'When Rivers Meet.'

Recognized for her expertise and captivating content, Emma has been appointed as the 'Content Manager' for Hit Like A Girl's (HLAG) 'StickTogether' initiative. Her commitment to drumming education also led her to serve as a judge for the 2023 competition. Continuing their collaboration, Emma performed a masterclass on the HLAG Stage at the UK Drum Show 2023 in Liverpool, in sync with the release of YouTube series The Drummer's Songbook.

Since graduating, Emma has been teaching students of all ages and ability levels, and joined Alpyne Music to expand her reach. Since then, she has published several educational drum eBooks, created multiple online drum courses, and developed the Sounds Like Emma Membership. With her passion, talent, and infectious enthusiasm, Emma is not just a drummer but an educator who inspires others to find their rhythm and follow their musical dreams.

Check out Emma's main project Ilona Mahieu:

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