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Philip Page

Professional Drummer, Author & Educator

*Accepting New Students*

Philip Page is a highly experienced drum educator with a passion for music spanning over thirty years. With an impressive teaching career of sixteen years, he has guided and mentored countless students throughout his journey. Philip's dedication to his craft is exemplified by his distinction in the RSL Level 6 Teaching Diploma.

Throughout his career, Philip has collaborated with renowned artists including Chris Rea, Andy Flanagan, and Mr E, showcasing his versatility and musical prowess. Notable recordings featuring Philip's drumming talents include pop-rock band Seed's debut single 'Silver Lining' and their album 'Midnight Walking' (AMG Records). Additionally, he has made significant contributions to the 'One Hope' album (ICC Records) and numerous other recordings.

In 2012, Philip had the honor of performing with Jazz Juice as part of the Olympic torch relay, marking a memorable milestone in his musical journey. Recent accomplishments include working with the highly acclaimed Mouth of Ghosts, who gained recognition on BBC Radio 6. Their debut single, 'When the Sun Sets,' was recognized as one of BBC Introducing's Songs of the Year.

Currently, Philip is actively engaged with various bands such as Discovered, The Ukes of Hazzard, Mumfudden Suns, and The Tim Kay Band. He also serves as an examiner for the Rockschool examination board. Philip's teaching expertise extends across the London area, as well as the esteemed Ash Bash Drum School in Bracknell, UK. He is not only an accomplished educator but also the author of two influential series, namely The Drum Syllabus Series and The Linear Matrix online series.

A versatile performer, Philip graces stages all over the UK, captivating audiences with his drumming finesse. His artistic contributions extend beyond performing, as he has composed, scored, and flawlessly executed all the drum parts for the musical masterpiece, 'Legend,' by Edwin Pillans. Currently, Philip is an integral part of the Bye Bye Baby Live touring theatre show, showcasing his exceptional talent.

Philip Page embodies the essence of a dedicated drum educator and musician, continually pushing boundaries and inspiring aspiring drummers with his exceptional skill set and unwavering passion for music.


Phil uses Collision SticksMee Audio IEMs and Jobeky Drums.

Philip Page
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