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1. Linear Matrix: 8th Note Edition

2. Linear Tracks: 8th Note Edition (4 tracks+pdfs)

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So what is The Linear Matrix?

How it works

Utilised in the way the books demonstrate, you can create literally millions of linear combinations from this one page! Each book focuses on three key areas: Speed, fills and grooves. Giving you plenty of examples to get started with as you can see below.

The Linear Matrix series is designed for both students and teachers. Its primary aim is to break down the vast and often daunting topic of linear drumming by tackling it in one rhythmic subdivision at a time. 


Here’s a quick sneak peak at what the 16th note matrix looks like!

16th Note Matrix (Blurred out) (Hand).pn

What else do I get?

Not only do you get a fully printable eBook, you also get 4 backing tracks with full drum scores for you or your students to put everything into application. Have a listen to the tracks here! 

The is and isn'ts...


  • Another book full of dry exercises to complete

  • Something you have seen before

  • A completed product - it's ever-evolving with regular updates and a community of sharing between teachers and students alike

  • A physical copy of a book (although every book is fully printable)


  • A great way to get started with linear

  • For drummers of all ages and abilities

  • Full of new ways to look at the topic of linear

  • An ever-evolving product with regular additions of new content, features and lots of teaching support material

  • Fully printable full colour PDF’s with lots of backing tracks and drum reference tracks

We're offering this pack at a major discount because this is a brand new series and you guys are the first students and teachers to try out this method!

As a thank you for being the first, the eBook and backing tracks will be yours for:

Value: £8.98

Limited Time Offer





A brand new series...

So what am I getting exactly?

01 The Linear Matrix: 8th Note Edition (worth £2.99)

  • The 8th Note Matrix

  • 11 Pages of exercises

  • Mp3's of every exercise in two BPM's

  • Utilities and extra teaching resources for students (regularly updated)

1. 8th Note.png
Linear Tracks.png

04 Louis Nanke-Mannell's Linear Tracks: 8th Note Edition (worth £5.99)

  • Full Track

  • Backing Track Minus the Drums

  • Backing Track Minus the Drums with click

  • Full Drum Score (colour and printer-friendly version)

Value: £8.98

Limited Time Offer






Frequently asked questions

Are the books physical?

No, the Linear Matrix is an eSeries - it's fully printable though so feel free to print to your hearts content!​d

Are the books for teachers or students?

The book is designed for teachers and students alike. We'd suggest that beginner students should work through them in conjunction with a teacher.

I paid but can't find where to download everything

You should have received a download link after checkout as well as a link emailed to you that is valid for 30 days. Be sure to check your junk mail or have your code re-sent at

How to make sure you receive emails from Alpyne

If emails from us keep ending up in your junk/spam folder, you need to register the email address we're sending emails from as trusted or whitelisted. Please check this video on how to do it in gmail.

Can I see a sample first!

Of course scroll back up this page to see The 16th Note Matrix page along with an example page from each main chapter of the books; speed, fill & groove.