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Ableton Essentials In One Day with Vicky O'Neon

Vicky O'Neon Ableton Essentials in 1 Day

Are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of music production? If you've ever dreamed of creating your own music but were unsure where to start, then look no further!

Vicky O'Neon, talented drummer, percussionist, music producer and educator, has launched a free online course Ableton Essentials - In One Day with Alpyne Music. This course is your ticket to unlocking the power of Ableton Live, one of the most popular digital audio workstations (DAWs) in the music industry.

Vicky is known for her musicality and immaculate timing, with the ability to reproduce authentic grooves of popular music genres like funk, hip-hop, pop, rock, reggae and ska. One of her specialities is electronic drum programming and she loves to collaborate with other artists and musicians.

Vicky O'Neon drumming and logo

Vicky is a passionate Ableton Live user and a career highlight includes programming electronic drums and live loops for the Olympics Team GB’s Homecoming Concert at Wembley Arena (aired on BBC One) performing with Nile Rodgers, Laura Mvula, Anne-Marie and others. She is currently playing drums for Anastacia on her 'I'm Outta Lockdown' tour 2022-2023.

Ableton logo

Here's what you can expect from Ableton Essentials - In One Day:

  • File management

  • Opening your first project

  • Audio drum samples and tempo

  • MIDI drum clips

  • Audio vs MIDI

  • Group instruments: Samples vs Clips

  • Stop, Mute, and Solo Individual and All Clips

  • MIDI bass and synth parts

  • Starting loops in the right place

  • Trying out different loop combinations

  • Using the Space Bar for the best workflow

  • Challenges

  • Lining up your chosen clips, introducing Scenes

  • Renaming Scenes and clips

  • Editing MIDI clips

  • Copying clips

  • Volume and clip gain

  • Recording audio, input and monitor settings

  • Record from Session to Arrangement

  • Back to Arrangement button

  • Tidying up your project in Arrangement view

  • Exporting your song, export settings

  • Sending a project to someone, Collect All & Save

  • Private community group to share and exchange ideas and feedback

Cup and saucer of coffee next to mac laptop with Ableton Live on the screen

If any of this sounds helpful to you, then what are you waiting for?

Learn more about Vicky O'Neon here:

Vicky O'Neon at a white and green drumkit by British Drum Co.

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