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Billie Jean: Surprisingly Difficult on Drums?

Ever wanted to learn how to play Billie Jean by Michael Jackson on drums? It may not be as simple as you think! Check out Emma Taylor's tutorial from our Love To Learn Drums YouTube channel below, as part of our Drummer's Songbook series (click here for more from this series!)

Download our FREE eBook with full transcriptions so you can follow along! Learn more songs from Michael Jackson, Foo Fighters, and The Beatles:

Looking to achieve your drumming goals and aspirations? Look no further! Our new Love To Learn Drums YouTube channel is dedicated to helping drummers of all skill levels reach their full potential through clear, concise, and fun lessons.

With our step-by-step tutorials, you'll learn everything from basic drumming techniques to advanced concepts, including drum fills and music reading. Our goal is to inspire you to become the best drummer you can be!

Which artists do you want to see covered in The Drummers Songbook 2? (Based on requests from our mailing list!)

  • Queen

  • Fleetwood Mac

  • AC/DC

  • Muse

You can vote for more than one answer.

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