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Why does this book exist?

This book is simple. 10 Funk Grooves. 3 difficulty levels for each. All containing very useful techniques that you can apply to your playing to make your Funk grooves not only sound more ‘Funky’ but more interesting. Sound good? Exactly.


In these modern times, it’s so easy to find cool grooves to learn online. However, there are SO many that it can be hard to stay focused on just one, which means it can take a lot longer to develop very important techniques fully and this can get very frustrating in the long run when you don’t see improvement. So I’ve tried to make this book as clean, useful and as usable as possible.



Here are the 3 Difficulty levels for each groove:


Core - Breaks down the grooves to its bare bones to make it accessible for even the least experienced player. Even reading need not be a barrier as I’ve included a block-style notation above the traditional stuff.


Intermediate - For the slightly more experienced player. These grooves are more fleshed out and more technical. This level is where the very useful technique really comes in.


Challenging - Adds the bells and whistles to the intermediate grooves just to give you a more technical and creative push!


With every groove at each difficulty, there is a link to a video of me playing each at different tempos for you to refer to if need be.

10 Funk Grooves - Volume 1

  • Info

    - Pre-order copy is 50% off

    - Comes with a free bonus eBook ‘How to practice’

    - Book will be emailed to you on 14th December.

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