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This ebook is designed to support my Tiktok Playlist 'The New Drummer's Toolkit'. Each page is interactive and you'll be able to click on the video logo on the top right hand of the page to take you straight to the Tiktok video lesson. I know many people prefer to learn with printed sheets so feel free to print this eBook out so you

can read the grooves, fills and exercises whilst practicing.


If you're completely new to drumming and can't read drum music don't worry the videos break everything down without the need to read music. Each groove, fill and exercise has also been written in out in an easy to understand table which is much easier to initially follow than drum music.  For those who prefer to use 'traditional' drum notation don't fear, I have also included each example with full drum notation.

The New Drummer's Toolkit

  • What's New In V2.0?

    - Lots of new videos including new grooves, fills, holding the sticks, kit setup and much more!

    - A completely interactive contents page that jumps straight to the page you need. You can only click straight back up to the contents page from every page in the book. This is organised into Grooves, fills and technique so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

    - A new cover Designed by Emma herself.

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